Why is the expansion bolt loose? How to deal with the loose expansion bolt?

Date: 2024-01-30 10:16:57  Author: 创始人
If some important items are fixed, it is fatal when the expansion bolt is loosened, not only worrying about life safety, but also worrying about property loss. The following small series talks about why the expansion screw will loosen and how to stop this worrying situation.

First, the mechanical equipment with vibration effect is fixed. Some time ago, when there was a report on the Internet about such wonderful physical weapons as the "building-shaking artifact", Xiao Bian had doubts. It is definitely dangerous to install such things with expansion screws, and businesses know that there is a vibration effect, so don't use expansion screws to fix them. This can fall down at any time. This is something to do! It is not recommended to install anything with vibration effect for expansion screws. It is recommended to use expansion anchor bolts.

Second, the installation is not in place, resulting in loose nuts. If you are not a person who often installs expansion screws, you may miss a point, that is, when you install the expansion screws, you should completely expand them until they can't be screwed. Some people are afraid of screwing the sliding buttons. It is recommended not to buy inferior expansion screws, so don't be afraid to install them with pure national expansion screws. Be sure to screw them to the position where they can't be screwed!

Third, product quality problems, caused by sliding buttons. This kind of problem is too common. The delay in work and time is the same as the expansion screw of 10 cents. If the sliding button is installed once without the standard, it will be installed for the second time. The cost of materials, time and wages can be more than 30 cents. The solution is simple. Buy the pure national standard expansion screw at one time ~!

How to save the loose expansion bolt?

First, take it down and reinstall the new expansion bolt. It is hard work to remove the loose expansion screw. It depends on what the expansion screw is like. If it is an external expansion screw, you should break it with a hand electric drill and take it out again. If it's an internal expansion screw, it's much more convenient. Screw it out in the opposite direction with sucking strength. If it doesn't work, use a hand drill! In a word, it is really difficult to remove the installed expansion screw. This method is not recommended. It is recommended to cut off and smooth the exposed part with an angle grinder.

Second, stick it with fastening glue. Go to the place where glue is sold, ask if there is anything that makes iron things more secure, and lock them completely.

Third, re-drill holes in another place and re-install new expansion bolts. After flattening the previous expansion screw with an angle grinder, re-punch it in another place. It is very important to re-punch it, so don't get too close.